How do I customize the buy buttons on my landing page? (Curriculum & Default)

***NOTE - These instructions are for our older themes (Curriculum & Default). If you're using one of our new Themes and need some help with customizing the CTAs, please start a new thread and we'll get back to you ASAP!***

We often get questions about customizing the CTAs on course landing pages, particularly the buy buttons, and that's perfectly understandable. A key part of selling your course is having the perfectly worded buy button in the perfect place.

Below I'll cover a few of the most common requests and show you how these customizations can be made.

Note: Some of these changes do require updates to the theme for your site, but don't worry if you've never used HTML before - if you follow the instructions you'll be fine! Before getting started though, be sure to read this article for an introduction to themes on Thinkific.

Request #1 - "I'd like to change the wording of the buy button"

The buy buttons that appear at the top and bottom of your course landing page can be changed in your theme on the page called Snippets > course_landing_page_action_buttons.

The default text for the buy button is added in using the variable {{ page.course_buy_button_text }} (as shown below).

To remove the pricing from the buy button, replace this whole line with your chosen text; e.g.

 To customize the wording before the pricing, replace this line with your chosen text followed by the variable {{ page.course_price_with_applied_coupon }} ; e.g.

Once the theme has been saved and enabled for your course landing page, the buy buttons will be updated!

Request #2 - "I'd like to remove the buy button from the top of my course landing page"

If you don't want visitors to be hit by a CTA until they've read your sales copy, you can remove the buy button from the top of your landing page:

Head to Course Landing Pages > Default Course Landing Page in the theme and delete the line {% include "course_landing_page_action_buttons" %}.

Once the theme has been saved and enabled for your course landing page, the buy buttons will be gone from the banner image at the top.

You can then follow the instructions for request #3 to add extra CTAs anywhere that you like!

Request #3 - "How do I add extra CTAs to my landing page?"

If you'd like to add extra calls-to-action into your sales copy, then this is super easy to do using the editor for the Course Description field.

All you need to do is have an image for your buy button. You can then add this into your course description wherever you like using the 'Insert Image' button.

Once your image is inserted, click on it and select 'Edit' to make your image link directly to the signup/checkout page for your course. (Here's how to find the direct link to checkout)

***Is there anything else you're looking to customize about the buy buttons on your site? Leave us a comment below!***

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What about changing to color of the "buy" button?

Hi Silvica,

The colour of the Buy button can be changed by updating the branding colours for your site.

The Primary Button Color (shown below) controls the colour of your Buy button.


I hope that helps, but feel free to get in touch if you get stuck at any point.



I'm using the default landing page and I'm able to make a change as instructed above, but I am unable to find the "save" button so that the changes are saved for my theme. Help! I don't see it either on the screenshots in the initial post. Thanks!

Hi Tami!

You can find the Save button under File > Save (shown below). Or, to feel like a pro, use hot keys - Ctrl + S (for PC) or Cmd + S (for Mac) ;)


I have two questions about this:

1. Is it possible to have only a CTA for the specific bundle the course is in? So in other words, I do NOT want a CTA for the course price - only the bundle price. 

2. If I want to have TWO CTAs in the header (one for the bundle, one for the individual course), how do I do that?



Hey Ronald!

1. Is it possible to have only a CTA for the specific bundle the course is in? So in other words, I do NOT want a CTA for the course price - only the bundle price. Do you mean that you'd only like the courses to be available as part of the bundle and not for purchase individually? If so, that's definitely possible! You can make the courses private to achieve that. More on that here

2. If I want to have TWO CTAs in the header (one for the bundle, one for the individual course), how do I do that? The simplest way to advertise both the bundle and the individual course would be to add your bundle as an upsell on the course landing page. More on that here. The bundle will then be displayed in the related products section for the course. If you're using a theme like Metro, Ice Cream, or Snow then these pricing options will be displayed directly under the course banner.

I hope this helps, but feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all.



Hey Catherine,

Jan here. Regarding the above question #1: I do not want the course to be private because then someone has to email me for access. I want people to ONLY see the membership CTA and NOT any other CTA.



Hi Jan,

If you're selling membership to your site as a bundle, then leaving the bundle public and making the individual courses private will achieve what you need. Students will then only be able to buy the membership bundle.

I think it might be easier if you chat with one of the team about this directly so we can understand exactly what you're looking for here. You can either send us a message or give us a call at 1-888-832-2409 (between 9am and 5pm Pacific Time).



Hi how do I change the wording on the button for the Additional Prices or upsells?  When I change the Buy button text above it doesn't change it for the upsells.


Hi Patricia!

The code for additional prices/upsells is in a different place - under Snippets > landing_page_upsells

I've highlighted it in the screenshot below:


Let me know how you get on with that!



I followed your directions and it did not work. After saving, I left the theme page saw that it had not worked, returned to the theme page and my edits had been changed back to the original text. Do you have any other suggestions?

Hi Ryan,

It looks like Christina already got back to you on this via email. This article was written before we had the new theme landing page layouts, so only really applies to the older themes (Curriculum and Default).

Thanks for bringing this to our attention - I'll make a note of this on the initial post and will get working on instructions for the other themes.

If anyone else is looking for help customizing the CTAs for a specific theme, just start a new thread and we'll get those together for you ASAP :)



Hi !

I want to have 2 buttons on the Header. 

One with the full price and other with the monthly payments. AsI have my company in Mexico I can not use the option you have for monthly payments.  So i want to connect them with my sales team.

Full Price 660 Usd (First button)

3 Payments of 250 USD (second button). This second botton I want to connect to my sales team via email.



Hi Lily,

You can do this using Themes - do you mind starting a new thread, letting me know which landing page layout you're currently using?

I'll get some instructions together for you ASAP.



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