As expected, your content will only ever be accessible to students who have a user account with your site and who are enrolled on the course, but what if you're looking to have a little more control over who's able to enrol in the first place? 

Private Courses and Hidden Courses are the ideal way to manage access to your courses.

Private Courses

Private Courses are ideal for cases where you want the course landing page to be public for marketing or informational purposes but don't want students to be able to enrol in the course directly.

Some reasons for this could be because:

  • The course isn't ready for enrolment yet - you may still be working on the course content, but that's no reason not to have your course landing page out there and ready to share for a spot of pre-launch marketing! 

  • Your course is currently unavailable - perhaps you run your course during a specific time period, or for a maximum number of students? You can simply change whether or not the course is private depending on whether it's currently available for enrolment. During the in-between times, you can even be pre-filling spots for the next group of students from people who have emailed you from the course landing page.

  • You only accept students who meet specific criteria - you may need to speak to a person before they enrol on the course to make sure it's suitable for them; e.g. imagine selling a programming course to somebody who's never used a computer.


Courses set as "Private" will still have a course card on your site, so any visitors will be able to access them from the site landing page. However, the course won't have the usual "Buy" or "Enroll" button. Instead the visitor will see a message encouraging them to email you and request access. The email displayed in your course landing page header is drawn from the support email, which can be set in your course site's Basic Settings.

How to make a course Private

To make a course private, simply navigate to the Settings tab of the course builder. Under Basic Settings you'll see the option there for Private Course; just select the checkbox, save your changes, and that's it!

NOTE: To give a student access to a course that is set as private, you are able to manually enrol them from your Admin Dashboard. Here's how to do that.

You can also change the Private course call to action if you wish. To do this, go to Settings > Site > Modify text: Site landing page and edit the Private CTA.

And your private course banners will now look like this:

Hidden Courses

Hidden Courses are the best way to control who is able to access course information and content. Courses set as 'Hidden' will not appear as a course card on your site landing page, and so will only be accessible to a person if you send them the direct link to the course landing page. From the landing page, they will be able to buy or enrol on the course as usual.

You can use this feature when:

  • Your course is for a specific group of people - your course may only be intended for certain people; for example, the employees of a company for whom you've specifically tailored the content. Simply hide the course so that only they have access. 

  • You want to offer some bonus content - looking to offer some complimentary extras as a bonus to people who've bought another of your products? Put it into a hidden course! You can then make sure that only those people receive the direct link. 

  • The course has a prerequisite - sometimes, students need to have completed another of your courses before starting the next. Make the course that has a prerequisite hidden - you can even customize the course completion email for the prerequisite course to include the direct link to the next one! Here's how.

How to make a course hidden

To make a course hidden, go to Settings > Basic Settings in the course builder for that course, select the checkbox for Hidden Course and save your changes.

The Course URL shown above is what you can use to send to people who you'd like to be able to enrol in the course. It will take them directly to the course landing page, from which they can click on the usual "Buy" or "Enrol" buttons.

Any questions about how you can use Private and Hidden courses? Leave us your feedback below!