This direct integration allows you track tax and remit that from within your tax-inclusive pricing as set on Thinkific. If you'd prefer to dynamically charge tax on top of your pricing, you can also take payment via Quaderno's checkout flow. See Alternate Set Up for details.

What is Quaderno?

Quaderno is an invoicing application that simplifies taxes for online businesses, including those tricky EU VAT compliance rules. By integrating your Thinkific site with Quaderno, any time a student based in the European Union subscribes to one of your courses Quaderno will automatically generate an invoice for your records with the correct tax rate based on your, or your customer's, location. 

Your course price will include taxes and each student pays the same rate regardless of location. Quaderno allows you to track what percentage of each enrollment is considered tax and must be remitted to your government. 

Below, we include instructions for integrating Quaderno with your Thinkific site for payments taken via both Stripe and PayPal.

Integrating Quaderno for Stripe

To set this up, first make sure you have your Stripe account connected to your Thinkific site on the Integrations section of the Admin Dashboard (more info).

Then once you've signed up for an account at Quaderno.iofollow these instructions to connect to Stripe on that end.

Finally, in order for Quaderno to know your customers' locations, you need to make it so that this information is collected from students upon signing up to your site.

To do this, on the Thinkific Admin Dashboard, go to Settings > Orders & Accounts > Custom Sign Up Fields and create a field called 'Country'. You will also need to choose the field type 'Country' from the dropdown list, and set the field as 'Required' (for the integration to work, it is important that this exact field type is used). If you are using a non-English language on your site, you can name this field something other than Country (e.g. 'Land'), so long as you use the country field type.

Hit 'Save', and complete the recommended Final Steps below.

Integrating Quaderno for PayPal

If you're taking payment for your courses via PayPal, here's how to integrate Quaderno with your Thinkific site to allow tax tracking for those payments...

First, make sure that you have followed these instructions to integrate your PayPal account with Thinkific. In Quaderno, the same Paypal account needs to be connected.

Finally, make sure that you're collecting your customer's country upon signup to your site (following the same instructions as for Stripe above). Once this is complete, see the recommended Final Steps below.

Final Steps

Once you have integrated with Stripe and/or PayPal as well as your custom fields, your customer's country and postal code details will display on your invoices. Note that with this set up, the customer will not see a breakdown of taxes when they view pricing in the checkout. This means that the listed prices of all of your courses should already include taxes. When the final receipt is sent, Quaderno breaks down the price and taxes for your customer based on the country of residence.

If you prefer to add taxes on top of your prices depending on your customer's location, see Alternate Set Up below.

Alternate Set Up

If you prefer to add taxes on top of your prices depending on your customer's location, you can use Quaderno's Checkout on Thinkific.

Refer to these instructions on how to create a Quaderno Checkout form. Then you can embed your checkout form using a Text & Media section on your Course Landing Pages in Thinkific:

  1. Create your form and generate your embed code (See HERE).
  2. Copy the embed code
  3. Navigate to the desired page in Site Builder
  4. Add a Text & Media section
  5. Open the Text & Media section to view details
  6. Delete any unwanted default text
  7. Click the code (</>) view in the Text Editor
  8. Paste your embed code
  9. Click the code (</>) view button
  10. Click Save

If you use an embedded checkout form, set your Course to Private to deter users from using the default Thinkific Checkout. After a student makes a purchase using Quaderno's checkout, you can then enroll the students in Thinkific via Zapier.

More About Quaderno

Review detailed instructions from Quaderno for setting up this integration HERE.

For more information on VAT requirements, check out Quaderno's handy EU VAT Guide.