Brillium Exams are a powerful lesson type in which you can create an advanced exam environment, with a variety of question types, and detailed data analysis. To access this feature, you will need to be on the Growth plan with Thinkific.

Note: Brillium is a third-party platform that you need to sign up for separate from Thinkific. To purchase Brillium for Thinkific for the limited-time price of $69/month or if you have any questions, please contact Brillium Sales at 407.982.2600 or email

Brillium for Thinkific Plan

Brillium for Thinkific is a special Brillium software and pricing package available only to Thinkific Users for a limited time. This package gives you everything you need to create powerful assessments and integrate your data with the Thinkific platform. Brillium for Thinkific includes:

  • All of the features of Brillium Professional along with data storage space for 5,000 results concurrently. You can view all of the features on our Brillium Feature Comparison page.
  • The Brillium Zapier Connector, which makes using third-party data integration reliable and easy.
  • The Brillium API to allow more advanced and customized integrations.
  • The Brillium Support Portal, our support and user community site.

Setting Up Your Brillium Exam in Thinkific

First, open your Brillium account where you can configure the exam options. You only need to worry about the "Basic Assessment Options" and "Advanced Options," both found on the right-hand menu. Let's get started by clicking into "Basic Assessment Options."

Here in the Basic Assessment Options in Brillium, you can set your Assessment ID (also known as "Exam ID" in Thinkific), your assessment password, your assessment name, as well as your passing grade score. Even though not indicated in Brillium, you do need to setup an assessment password. 

You are able to change the Logout Button Label field to something like 'Back to the Course'.

*Important* For the student to be successfully redirected back to your site, you must fill out the Link After Assessment field with the specific link back to the exam in the Thinkific course player; i.e. the URL for the page where the student clicked the button to take the exam.

Next, click into "Advanced Options" to configure the remaining values. Scroll down until you see "Assessment Integration Options." Please ensure that Application Integration is set to "POST (via Form)" and the Result Send Method is set to "Blind Post." Here, you will also have to change the Result Send URL, as this is where the results are sent. "" should be entered.

For the Result Send URL, please ensure to use your Thinkific provided URL, and not the custom domain you've set up. If you need help identifying your Thinkific site URL, reach out to the Thinkific Support team and we'll be happy to help. 

Now, you can complete these items in Thinkific. go to the Admin Dashboard, click Create & Edit, and select the  course you would like to edit. There, create a new content type by  clicking "Exam" and fill in the missing items.
  • Title: Give your exam a title.

  • Brillium Root URL:  This is the URL of your Brillium exam. While using a trial account,  this will always be "". When you have a paid  account, this url will be unique to your account.

  • Exam ID: Your Exam ID is equivalent to your Assessment ID in Brillium. (Found in "Basic Assessment Options")

  • Exam Password:  You can set this under "New Assessment Password." If editing, an  existing Brillium assessment can be set when creating a new Brillium  assessment. (Found in "Basic Assessment Options")

  • Entry Hash Password: You can set this under "Entry Hash Password." (Found in "Advanced Options")
  • Passing Grade: This can be any number between 1 and 100. Ensure that it is equivalent to the value entered in Brillium. (Found in "Basic Assessment Options")

You're almost done! Now it's the easy part. Below are the final items left to finish your Brillium Exam. "Take Exam Call to Action Text," "Retake Exam Call to Action Text," and "Claim Certificate Call to Action Text" allows you to modify the text of the buttons at the end of the exam. You can leave this blank and we will fill it in with the default text (greyed out in the text area). You also have the option of adding some HTML content (text, images, etc) to be shown before and after the exam.

And that's it! You now have created your first Brillium exam.

If you have any additional questions about this feature, please leave us your feedback below!