Update February 9th, 2017:

LinkedIn has changed the way they handle certificates!

What does this mean? This has broken our integration that attached the certificates

The new system for LinkedIn certificates does not allow for the details of the certificate to be auto-populated. This means the student will have to enter the details themselves (which is easy).

Here are the updated instructions for adding a certificate to your website (or your emails).

You can add a LinkedIn Certificate button to either your Custom Completion Page, or your Course Completion Emails (setup in the Notifications area from your Admin Dashboard).

OLD INFO (Please disregard):

To enable LinkedIn Profile Certifications for your courses, please follow this link: https://addtoprofile.linkedin.com/cert

Step 1:

Log in to LinkedIn.

Step 2:

If you do not have a company on LinkedIn, please make one at this stage.

If you already have a company on LinkedIn, enter your company name.

Step 3:

Enter any name for the certification. It doesn't matter what you type in here,  since we use your course names on Thinkific to create custom buttons later.

Step 4:

Click 'Create Button'.

Step 5:

Once the button is created, scroll down to the 'Grab your code' section.

On the right side of the page, you'll see 3 text boxes. Copy the URL from 'Complete URL'. This is what we'll need to create your buttons.

**Please ensure you select the proper link. The other codes won't work properly.

Step 6:

Back on the Integrations page at Thinkific, paste the link you grabbed into the text box labeled 'LinkedIn Certification Link'.

Step 7:

Click 'Save Changes', and that's it!

Now when you edit any of your courses, in the Details menu you'll see the option to 'Allow students to post certification on LinkedIn when completed'.

When a student completes a course with this option enabled, in the 'Achievements and Progress' section, they'll see an 'Add to profile' button that will take them to their LinkedIn profile to add the certification.

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