Users Report

The Users Report is a great way to manage a large user base. You can easily view your students, and select which information you'd like to see when you visit this dashboard, such as Number of Enrollments or Date Created.

Advanced Search / Filters

You can segment and export lists of user types through the Filters in the report on our Pro plan plus Growth package.

User Reporting can help you divide your user base into groups of individuals that fit into specific categories. This kind of segmentation is simple and easy to use, especially when used in company with the Mass User Email and Export to CSV features, as you can target groups of students based on those segments.


Amount Spent - Define an amount (ie. "less than $10) to filter by the total amount spent by a customer

Course Admin - Filter to view Course Admins

Email - Filter by email (good for filtering my company emails)

Enrolled In - Define a course or bundle you can list view all users enrolled

Enrollment Status - View active or expired enrollments

External Source - If user is created by an external source. At this time, the only value this field will have automatically is Infusionsoft if the user was created via the Infusionsoft integration

Group Analyst - Filter to view Group Analysts

Group Name - Filter by Group name

Has Purchased - Filter by users who have purchased courses or bundles 

Last Sign In was - Filter by a date selector if sign in was Before, After, Between, On, or Never

Name - Filter or search by name

Progress - Filter by course progress by percentage. Ex. Progress is less than or equal to 20%

Referral - Filter by referrals made by affiliates.

Role - Filter by user role Ex. Course admins

Used Coupon - Filter by name of coupon used Ex. "SpringPromo2018"

Examples and Use Cases

Here are some examples of ways you might segment your users and reach out to them:

  • Message students who are at a certain progress point in one of your courses
  • Distribute coupons for your course to a specific audience, and then segment your  new students to see who signed up using that coupon code and contact  them with a targeted message.
  • Segment users who signed up for a free preview, but didn't purchase the full course following their preview.
  • Contact students who didn't complete a course, and haven't logged in since a certain date.
  • When you update a course with new content, let students who purchased a course before know that their course has been updated.
  • Contact all users who signed up from the same company email domain
  • View all students who have made purchases - This group is the most likely to buy again in the future!
  • Notify affiliates of changes to your program that will help them promote your courses.


There are three bookmark presets in your account to help you get started:

  • Student Needing Encouragement
    Users who have completed less than or equal to 99% of the course you specify.
  • Free Student Accounts
    Users who have accounts created, but haven't purchased anything on your site. 
  • Inactive Student Accounts
    Users who haven't logged in for a while.

You can also bookmark any searches you find useful (or delete them if they're no longer useful).

And there you have it! If you would like more information about the User Report feature, feel free to reach out to