Why integrate with Qualaroo?

Analytics tell you what people are doing, Qualaroo tells you why.  Qualaroo uncovers customer insights that lead to better business results.  Simply, Qualaroo is a highly customizable in-app service that allows you to do a variety of live testing on people who visit your Thinkific site.

First,  you'll need to navigate to Qualaroo's website and create a new account.  As it is not a free service, I would suggest to start with the free trial.  During the sign up, they will ask you for your URL.  Easiest just to put your bare Thinkific URL i.e. learn.thinkific.com rather than http://learn.thinkific.com/

On the next screen, you will see a modal that gives you options about how you would like to proceed.  In this instance, we are going to choose "I can install the code myself" (don't worry, it's super easy!)

Next, you will copy the code that appears on the next modal.  Leave this browser tab open.

Now, log into your Thinkific site on another tab and access the Admin Dashboard. Under Settings, click on Code & Analytics and paste the code into the Site Footer Code field:

After you Save Changes, you will not need to do anything else on Thinkific.  Told you it was easy! Tell your friends you're a coder!  

On Qualaroo, after clicking "I've installed the code" (glad you left that tab open, aren't you?) you will then go through the process of creating your survey.  Here's a video from Qualaroo that shows some of the things that you can do with their Survey Editor.

After you've created your "nudge", you'll see that it will appear where you have determined on your Thinkific page.

If you have any additional questions, please leave us a comment below!