Congrats! You've got a course ready to go, and you're now thinking about how to market it. We've got lots to chat about!

Ultimately, for most instructors, marketing is much of the work involved with your online courses. There are countless online resources available online to help you with marketing, but we've got a few articles to share that we think you'll get a lot of value from. Let's dive in.

Building Your List

Your email list is one of the most valuable things you can have as a course creator. This is your list of everyone who has opted to hear more from you - past students and potential leads alike.

You collect leads through Thinkific as people sign up to your site and to free and paid courses. Outside of Thinkific, anytime someone is viewing your content, there should be an easy way to "opt in" to hear more from you.

Get The Word Out!

You've got a course, you've got a list. Now you need to tell people! There are lots of different launch strategies, including both scheduled/cohort classes and also self-paced, purchase anytime programs. When you're launching your course, there's a lot of value in pushing the COMING SOON! message with a fixed deadline for getting in on an initial launch deal before the course switches to regular pricing.

This can be done with reduced prices for early birds, extra inclusions and bonuses (like, "Sign up before Sunday Night to get a free 1 hour coaching call with me included"), or in some cases a hard deadline where the course can no longer be purchased at all after the deadline.

We recommend that when you're new to launching, you start with extra stuff as an incentive for early purchase, but without the commitment to retire your course at the end of the launch (which can work great if that helps you get lots of sign-ups, but can be terrible if your launch delivers fewer students than you anticipated!)

Ongoing Marketing

Your course is up and running, you're past an initial launch, and now you need to drive ongoing students to your site. What do you do?

The great thing about the launch process (touched on with the resources above) is that you can continue to build great new resources for your audience and deliver new content over and over again using a similar process. This is also great as you're constantly adding new people to your list, so what might be your 3rd launch for a longer term student might be the first for someone else.

There are lots of great ways to drive people to your site, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

Deliver Amazing Student Experience

This often gets skipped in a marketing conversation, but remember, your students are your best brand advocates! Deliver a kickass, valuable experience for your audience and not only will they tell others, but they'll come back again.

Always think about how you can make your course better for your students when considering the life of your online teaching business.

Marketing is an ongoing process, but there's lots here to get you started. Refer back to the blog to keep tabs on what's new, and reach out as you go if there's anything our team can help with.

Happy Marketing!

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