A great way to keep the interest of your community of students and prompt more sales is by including a Course Completion Email.  These emails are sent out to the student and will have information like their name, the course they took, the instructor’s name and whether or not a certificate is available.

Course Completion Emails are an excellent way to engage with your students and it gives you a chance to market your other courses to them. You can decide which (or all) of your courses will deliver a completion email to the student after they have finished the course. 

Navigate to Support Your Students > Notifications > Course Completion Email > Edit to make changes to the template (below).

Make sure you hit the toggle beside the course to enable the course completion email. When the toggle is on, the course completion email will automatically send after your student receives 100% completion in the course. 

As with other auto-emails, the body is fully customizable. We have included several code snippets to do all of the variable work for you. 

The Variables in the course completion email will auto fill out each of the noted fields, based on previously recorded information. i.e. {{ user_first_name }} will pull the first name of the student automatically from their sign-up and fill it into the relevant spot in the email.

{{ user_full_name }} - (whole name)
{{ user_first_name }} - (first name)
{{ user_last_name }} - (last name)
{{ course_name }} - (name of course)
{{ site_name }} - (This is the name of your school)
{{ instructor_full_name }} - (instructor's full name)
{{ instructor_first_name }} - (instructor's first name)
{{ instructor_last_name }} - (instructor's last name)
{{course_review_link}} - will give link to leave a course review
{% certificate_available %} - (will show if Certificate is available)
{{ certificate_link }} - (will give link to claim Certificate)