Note: This article is for anyone using a site theme with a version 2.0 or up.

When you're designing your course landing pages, your main intent is to sell the course associated with it. However, you also have the opportunity to spark a little interest in your other courses, or bundles featuring the course currently being viewed.

In these cases, you'll want to include an Upsell section in your landing page layout. Using the Landing Page tab in your Course Builder, you can add a new section that links to a different course landing page easily.

How to Upsell on Your Course Landing Page

To get started, from the Admin Dashboard, enter My Courses, and select Edit on an existing course. You will be taken to the Page Builder tab of the Course Builder.

From the Page Builder tab, you can find what sections your site Theme supports by selecting Add Section from the sidebar menu.

Enter the Upsell section to start customizing it. From the menu that appears, use the drop-down menu there to pick a product and use the second drop-down menu to select one of its prices.

Customize any additional options and then save the section. Drag it to wherever you need it in the order of sections for your course's landing page.

Alternatively, you can also show off the additional prices set up for your course offering through the Upsell section on your landing page. Upselling an additional price is useful if you have several price points for different expiry dates for your course.

For example:

Use the Upsell section to promote these additional prices, quickly creating your own custom pricing table.