Export results from quiz and surveys in your courses to gain insights into student learning and qualitative feedback.

Results are structured for easy reading in your favorite spreadsheet editor, which should speed up assessment of your student's submitted data. You can check an example export at the bottom of this article, and we'll run through this quick and easy process below.

The Quiz & Survey section on the left sidebar of the Admin Panel lets you export the data from student's participation in quizzes and surveys (You'll have to scroll down a bit to get there). 

On the left-hand menu, click on Quiz & Survey under the Support your Students area.

Finding the Quiz or Survey you want

Use the sorting and filtering options to find one or many of the Quiz & Survey lessons that you would like to receive a report on. You can filter your results to include only lessons in a specific course.  You can also sort the lessons in the results table by the course it belongs to, it's type, the Quiz/Survey name or even the # of results and when the lesson was last completed by a student.

Limiting results to within a period of time

You can also use the "Completion Date" date picker to customize the results you will receive when you begin your export.  This date picker affects the "# of results" column as well as the data that you will receive in your export.

This is useful if you only want to see submissions that your students have made in the last week or two without having to wade through all of your historical data.

Exporting your results

Once you have set the timeframe that you want to look at, you can select the Quiz/Surveys that you want to export.

You can export results for a single Quiz/Survey by selecting the inline Export button on the right side of the table.

You can also export multiple Quiz/Surveys at the same time by selecting the row in the table and using the table export button.

Once you have activated your exports we will get to work preparing the data and will send you an email with the results in a CSV format.