Disqus is a social commenting platform that adds a dynamic and feature-rich comment system to your courses. You can add Disqus in the same way you add other content types like videos or surveys, which means you choose the number and placement of comment boards used in each course.

If you have created a Thinkific account after December 2018, we recommend using our built in On-lesson discussions feature instead of Disqus. Disqus is a public platform while On-lesson discussions are only accessible within your Thinkific course.


To get started, you first need to create and integrate your Disqus account.

Step 1

In your Admin Dashboard, go to Market & Sell > Integrations on the left side bar, click "sign up for Disqus" (you can skip this step if you already have a Disqus account), and head to Connect Account.

Step 2

Create a new account. Once you've hit "create account" and you are logged in, you can come back to complete the setup on Thinkific.

Step 3

In your Thinkific dashboard, click "connect your Disqus Account". You will be prompted to agree to this connection, and must choose to allow access.

That's it! Your dashboard will now indicate that Disqus is enabled for your account.

Add Disqus to a course

Step 1

Navigate to your desired course via Manage Learning Content > Courses in the left side bar, and click on your desired course to edit it

Step 2

Add Disqus content types to your course in the same way you add other content types. You can give your discussion a title, and can also write text that will appear above the discussion board

That's it! Your Disqus forum is now active.

You can moderate your discussion and manage notifications etc. directly through the Disqus admin interface on the Disqus website. To access additional help on the Disqus feature, you can find their knowledge base at: https://help.disqus.com

Frequently Asked Questions

My Disqus notifications aren't sending me to the correct Disqus discussion in Thinkific. What should I do?

If you change the URL of a lesson in any way, including changing your domain name, course name, or lesson name, the thread still exists in Disqus but Disqus thinks it’s at the old URL. When this happens, Disqus will send you notifications telling you to look at the old URL for your comments and you will not find them. Protip: Never change anything about your Disqus lesson. If possible, create a new Disqus lesson so the URL is synced properly to Disqus.