On some plans, you're able to add extra site admins to your Thinkific site. A site admin has all the same privileges as the original site owner, in comparison to course admins who only have specific permissions (more on course admins here).

How to Create a Site Admin

To make somebody a site admin, head to the Users page of your Admin Dashboard to either create a new user or edit an existing one.

From the user edit screen, select the checkbox for 'Site admin', save your changes, and that's it!

That user will now be able to log into your Thinkific site with full admin privileges.

Notes on Site Admins

  • Not ready to upgrade your plan? You can also simply set up a generic site admin account to be shared (although of course always be careful about who you give your password to!)
  • Need more than 3 site admins? If you need more than 3 accounts with full admin privileges on your site, please contact us via the HELP page on your admin dashboard to discuss options!
  • It's not possible to have a user be both Course Admin and Site Admin, please select one or the other, accordingly.

And if you have any additional questions, let us know below!