Note: This article is for anyone using a pre-Site Builder theme. Please refer to this article if you're looking to update your branding settings using a Site Builder theme. Not sure what theme your site is using? 

Your course site on Thinkific can be completely customized to match your existing brand. The Branding section of the Admin Dashboard controls:

  • The Branding Colors that are used on your course site
  • The Favicon Image that appears in the browser tab
  • The Logo Image that appears in the navigation header throughout the site
  • The Landing Page Banner used on the site landing page

Changing the Site Landing Page Banner

In your Admin Dashboard, on the left sidebar, choose Design Your Site > Branding:

From there, select Upload on the Landing Page Banner preview to upload a new image.

Adding a Logo Image to Your Header

From the Branding page, you can select Upload to upload a new logo image. This image appears throughout the course site and on automated and manual emails to your students from the course site. 

This will be the 'Home' button on your header (or navbar) for your course site, linking back to the site landing page. 

You can go to Advanced Settings to change the destination of this image link if you wish.

Changing the Favicon Image

The favicon is the image at the beginning the browser tab:

You can change the image by selecting Upload over the favicon image preview:

Branding Image Guidelines:

  • Favicon (the icon on a web browser's tab): 1:1 ratio image, 128px by 128px works well.
  • Logo: Minimum height of 100 pixels.
  • Landing Page Banner: 1440x400 pixels.


Changing the Branding Colors

Your course site's brand, button, text colour and etc. use the colors set in the Branding section of the Admin Dashboard.

You can set the colors in a color picker or by their hex codes: