Why add a Survey to your course?

Surveys are a fantastic way to gain additional information from your students that you can then use to improve your course content and student engagement. Surveys within your course provide an opportunity to find out more about why a student enrolled and what they are looking to get from your course. We recommend having a survey at the beginning of your course which includes some basic questions about what your student is expecting to learn, their current level of expertise and some of their current roadblocks. At the end of the course, you can also include a survey to see if their learning objectives were achieved, how confident they feel about the material, and general feedback. We have some great sample questions in our course templates! To check out our sample surveys, create a new course and select our Mini-course or Flagship course template.

Ready to add a Survey to your course?

In the left sidebar of the Admin Dashboard, click Manage Learning Content, then Courses, and then choose the course you want to add a Survey to. Click on the three dots on the course card and the option to Edit or Duplicate will open up. Select Edit

In the course's Curriculum, select Add Content and then select Survey from the resulting menu.

Name it and add a question 

After adding the Survey, give it a Name and select Add Question. You can also make the survey part of a free preview, or a prerequisite

Select a Question Type with the drop down menu. Enter your question here.

Then in the text box, add your question. 

Select Add Choice to add an answer choice to the question. Enter the choice and then repeat if necessary.

When finished, select Save Changes to finish up and add the survey to your course.

Question Types

  • One answer - Allows the student to select only one option. This is a typical multiple choice question format.
  • One or more answers - Allows the student to select several options. Unlike 'One answer', this can be used when you want the student to be able to select more than one of the available options.
  • Rating - Provides the student with a selection of values in a line. See example below.
  • Scale - Provides the student with a range of values to choose from and includes left/right labels. See example below.
  • Free Text - Gives the student a textbox to write their answer in.

What is the Difference Between Rating and Scale Question Type?

Visually, the main difference between Rating and Scale question types is that a Scale question type will include a left and right label to help clarify what the range of the Scale covers. For example:

A Rating question type is comparable to a 5 star rating system and will auto fill all values to the left of the selection made by your student. For example:

For both Scale and Rating question types, the values displayed are defined by you as the course creator. The values are added by using the 'Add Choice' option when building the question.

Survey Reporting

You can generate reports on all of your Survey data. For details, see Quiz & Survey Export.

What if I don't see the survey type that I want?

While our built-in survey tool works for most people, some prefer to use a more robust survey tool like Typeform or Survey Monkey embedded into a Multimedia lesson type. These tools generally have more robust reporting, more question types, and access to survey results via their API.