Quizzes are a great way to boost engagement in a course. They allow students to interact with material that was just taught or presented, to give them an idea where they're at with the course material and their learning! We suggest adding a quiz after a video lesson or a presentation lesson for example. 

In the left sidebar of the Admin Dashboard, click Manage Learning Content, then Courses, and then choose the course you want to add a Survey to. Click on the three dots on the course card and the option to Edit or Duplicate will open up. Select Edit

In the Course Builder, go into the Curriculum tab, select Add Content and then select Quiz from the resulting menu.

Is your Quiz pass/fail?

If so, click the check box and decide on the passing grade percentage. Now, students will need a certain percentage of the questions right to pass the test and be able to move on. 

When this is enabled, students will not be able to reach 100% completion of your course unless they have successfully passed all quizzes where a passing grade is required.

Note: In order to stop students from getting the right answers and redoing the test, the explanation feature is deactivated for pass/fail quizzes.

Would you like to make your quiz a prerequisite lesson?

If so, click the check box. With our prerequisite lessons, you can now prevent students from skipping ahead in a course before they've completed all the content prior to those chapters! (More on prerequisite lessons here)

Randomised Question Bank

For our users on the Pro plan and above, we now offer the ability to have a Randomised Question Bank for your Quiz lessons! You can now add as many questions as you want within a specific quiz "bank", then select how many question should appear when a student takes the quiz and the system will randomly generate a quiz for each student. Read more about this feature here.

Add a Question

After adding the Quiz, give it a Name and select Add Question.

Select a Question Type with the drop down menu. Enter your question here. In the text box, add your question in text space. 

Question Types

  • One answer - Allows the user to select only one option.
  • One or more answers - Allows the user to select several options.

Handy tip! Since the question builder is a WYSIWYG text editor, you can also insert a video, embed an image or audio file within the question itself.

Select Add Choice to add an answer choice to the question. Enter the choice and then repeat if necessary.

Make one answer the correct answer (or more if you selected 'One or more answers' as your questions type) by ticking the This is the correct answer option on a choice.

Optionally, write an explanation for this answer being the correct choice.

Then, when finished, when finished, select Save Changes to finish up and add the survey to your course.