Ready to get started with creating your first course? Awesome, glad to have you on board! This article is a guide to using the Thinkific Course Builder to create your first course.

If you'd like to watch a quick video on getting started with the platform, check out Getting Started with Thinkific. If you are new to online courses, our webinar is also great place to start!

In this article:

Create a New Course

Course Templates

Adding Your Content

Lesson Types

Add Lessons from Another Course (Optional)

Course Settings

Update Your Course Landing Page

Final Steps

Create a New Course

You can get started right away creating a new course:

  1. Go to Manage Learning Content
  2. Select Courses
  3. Select New Course on the top right

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Course Templates

We have various course templates to choose from to help you get started! Note that these are just a guideline and once creating the course, it can be completely customized. Each of the course templates, aside from the Blank Course, contains a set of lessons assembled with learning best practices in mind. There is an instructional lesson at the very beginning of each template to help you make the best use of these. 

If you are not sure which template to choose, you can check out our various templates HERE or simply start with a Blank course to begin adding your own content! To choose a template:

  1. Select Choose on your desired template
  2. Name you course (This can always be changed later)
  3. Select Create Course

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Adding Your Content

Content can be added to your course lesson by lesson or in bulk using our Bulk Importer. 

Bulk Importer

If you already have video, audio and/or PDF content created, you can head straight to the Bulk Importer tab of the Course Builder to upload all of your content at once! Find out more HERE. 

Adding Individual Lessons

To start adding lessons to your course, you'll need to first create a new chapter! You can think of chapters as containers that hold one or more lessons.

How to Add a New Chapter

  1. Make sure you are in the Curriculum tab
  2. On the left-hand side, click Add Chapter
  3. Name the Chapter title field as desired 
  4. Click Save

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Lesson Types

Once you have created a chapter, you can start adding lessons to your course! Before walking through these steps, you will want to decide which lesson type to include in your course. You can check out our various lesson type here: Thinkific Lesson Types

How to Add a New Lesson

  1. Make sure you are in the Curriculum tab
  2. On the left-hand side, click Add Lesson
  3. Select the desired Lesson Type
  4. Name the Lesson Title as desired 
  5. Add your content 
  6. Click Save

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Adding Lessons from Another Course (Optional)

If you already have a course created with content you would like added to your existing course, you have the option to copy content to your course. See how to do that here: Copy Lessons

Add Your Course Settings

The Settings tab of the Course Builder is where you can go to add basic details regarding your course including:

Basic settings

This is where you can update your course name and URL that will appear on your course card as well as set your instructor. Your course card appears in various places like your All Courses page and checkout.

Course image & description

Your Course image will appear on your course cards and Course description will appear in different areas depending on your theme. The description will appear on your checkout pages, as well as on the featured product of Additional Products section type. The Vogue theme will also show the description on all the course cards.

Course Player appearance

The Course Player is the learning environment where students will be interacting with your content. You can customize the look of Course Player to match your branding. Check out The Thinkific Course Player and Individual Course Player Appearance Customizations.

Course progress & completion

This includes some optional settings that you might like to customize. Available options will be dependent on your current Thinkific plan:

Page Code

You can include custom code on your course landing page here. This is not required. A common scenario to use this field is if you plan on using an external sales page to promote your course.

Admin & revenue partners

Assign payees and Course Admins to your course here.


Use SEO to define what your landing pages will look like to search engines and social media.

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Update Your Landing Page

From your Course Builder, you can access the landing page of the course by clicking on the Build Landing Page link in the top right corner. You can learn how to customize your course landing page HERE.

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Final Steps Before Publication

Once you've added some content and carefully crafted your course landing page, you're just about ready to put your course out there!

Here's a checklist for the final steps before publication:

Other optional customizations:

Got all of this covered? Huzzah, you're ready to publish your course! Go to the Publish section and hit the Publish button.

...and congratulations! You've published your first course. Now, spread the word.

Need a little extra help creating or setting up your course? We have a wonderful team of experienced freelancers available to give you a hand! Check out our Experts Marketplace.

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