By promoting your products to their network, affiliates can hugely help with expanding your marketing reach. In return, they can earn a commission for each new sale that they send your way.

On any of our paid plans, you're able to set up a user as an affiliate for your Thinkific site!

How our affiliate program works

Each affiliate will have their own set of unique affiliate links that they can use to direct traffic to your Thinkific site.

Provided that a person's first ever visit to your site is via an affiliate link, this will be tracked so that if they go on to make a purchase the affiliate will be credited for that sale.

This will happen even if the visitor doesn't sign up for a user account on your site at first. If they come back at a later point to sign up and make a purchase it will be credited to the affiliate...the first visit is the key!  (see Technical Details section at the bottom of the page if you are interested)

Affiliate commission is calculated based on any future purchases the user makes on an ongoing basis (including each installment of a subscription or payment plan).

You can view the amount owed to each affiliate from the Affiliates page of your admin dashboard, and have full control over approved payments, payout policies and schedules. 

Setting up a new affiliate

1. The first step is to set the affiliate up with a user account for your site - to do that head to the Users page of your admin dashboard and hit ‘Create New User’. Or, if they already have a user account, you can find them in your Users list and hit ‘Edit’ instead.

2. Whilst creating/editing the user, select the checkbox for ‘Affiliate’ to reveal two new fields:

  • Commission - this is the percentage (or dollar value) of each sale that will be tracked as the commission for the affiliate. 
  • PayPal Email (for payout) - PayPal is our recommended method for paying your affiliates, but you’re free to choose whichever option works best for you and your business!

3. Once you’ve filled out the affiliate fields, hit 'Save Changes' and that's it!

Please note: The affiliates feature won't work if the course is not yet published. Be sure to publish your course to ensure the link is available for your Affiliates.

How can my affiliates access their affiliate links?

When a user is assigned the role of 'Affiliate', signing into your Thinkific site will automatically take them to their affiliate menu. They can also hit 'Affiliate' in the navigation bar at the top of your site to find this page.

All you need to do to give any new affiliates access to their links is send them an email confirming:

  • The URL for your Thinkific site
  • The email address associated with their user account
  • The password you created for them
They'll then be able to log in and get started with promoting your courses!

Exclude a product from an affiliate 

Once a student has signed up using an affiliate link, any future purchases they make on your Thinkific site will be counted towards that affiliate's commission. If there are certain products you don't want included in the affiliates commission, you can exclude this from their profile.

Go to your affiliates under the Market & Sell menu, and then click on the Edit button beside the affiliate. From there, it'll open up their affiliate section of their user profile, and you can select from the dropdown the product(s) you would like to exclude from their affiliate commissions:

What do affiliates see in the affiliate menu? 

To preview what affiliates see check out this article.

Technical details

When a user first visits your Thinkific site, we drop a cookie on to their browser. If they reached the Thinkific site via an affiliate link, the cookie that's dropped will remember this information.

When the student creates an account for your Thinkific site they will have the referrer code attached to their user profile if the cookie is present. Any future purchases for all time by this student will be credited to the affiliate.

If by chance the user visits your Thinkific site but doesn't sign up right away, the cookie will last for 30 days. If the user clears their cookies or uses a different browser the cookie will be lost. 

Clarity: the cookie from the first visit must be present when the student signs up or purchases a product in order for the affiliate to receive credit. Once the student signs up and the association is established on the user's profile, the cookie is redundant and the affiliate will receive credit for any future purchases. If a student that comes through an affiliate link does not sign up or purchase within 30 days, but comes back after 30 days to sign up or purchase the affiliate is not credited any commission. 

If a student coming to your site via an affiliate link had previously created an account or made a purchase, before clicking on the affiliate link, any new purchases made will not be associated with the affiliate. This is true regardless of whether or not the student was previously associated to any affiliate or not. If they had previously made an account they cannot be counted toward a new affiliate. 

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