Conversion tracking allows you to track purchases and actions taken on your Thinkific site in order to evaluate the success of advertising campaigns in other platforms. 

Google Adwords Tracking

You can connect your site with Google Analytics in a few clicks. Find the details on how to do this here. 

Once integrated, you can setup custom goals within Google Analytics based on the pages that your students visit in your site. Find more details about how to setup goals in Google Analytics here.

For example, if you are running a campaign to get visitors to hit the landing page for Course 1, you might create a goal within your Google Analytics account related to visiting your landing page:


If your course has a URL of, then: 

  • Your Course Landing Page -> Destination “begins with” /courses/webinars
  • Accesses a Specific Course -> Destination “begins with” /courses/take/webinars
  • Accesses any course -> Destination “begins with” /courses/take/
  • Placed any order on your site -> Destination “begins with” /orders/thankyou/

Once your goals have been setup, you can access them directly in your Google Analytics account, or you can connect them to your Google Adwords account to track advertising conversions. 

Learn how to import your Analytics goals into AdWords here. 

Edit goals to reflect number of conversions: If you are tracking conversions as part of an ad campaign, you will want to set your Adwords conversions to count “one conversion” rather than “every conversion” for goals that will be triggered more than once by your visitors. In Adwords, you do this under Tools -> Conversions -> Edit your goals. 

That’s it! Your conversion goal data will now be available in your Google Adwords account, so you can easily see the cost per conversion of your advertising spend. 

eCommerce Tracking

If you are running ads to a course catalogue full of multiple courses at different price points (rather than running ads for specific courses), you may choose to take the additional step of setting up eCommerce tracking in your AdWords campaigns.

To configure eCommerce tracking, enabled it in Ecommerce Settings under the Admin -> View page within Google Analytics. 

To track orders values, add the following code to your Thinkific Order Tracking page under Advanced Settings in your dashboard:


ga('tenantTracker.require', 'ecommerce');

ga('tenantTracker.ecommerce:addTransaction', {
  'id': '{{ order_number }}',
  'revenue': '{{ total_price }}'

ga('tenantTracker.ecommerce:addItem', {
  'id': '{{ order_number }}',                     // Transaction ID. Required.
  'name': '{{ product_name }}',                    // Product name. Required.
  'price': '{{ total_price }}',                 // Unit price.
  'quantity': '1'                              // Quantity.




'tenantTracker' is Thinkific's tracker for Google's Multiple Tracker Support as documented here; 'tenantTracker' is equivalent to 'myTracker' in the example. 

Please note: the eCommerce data doesn't appear in Google Analytics Real-Time Conversion Report, but can take up to 48 hours after an order was made and then can be found under Conversions > Ecommerce. 

*The Google Analytics debugger is handy for troubleshooting. You can download it to Chrome here.