The Multimedia lesson type allows you to include websites, and other content already hosted elsewhere online, directly within your Thinkific course. More info

If you've created a Multimedia lesson, but you or your students are seeing a white screen when viewing it, you can follow the troubleshooting guide below to quickly get to the bottom of the issue.

Multimedia lesson troubleshooting guide

Step 1. Confirm that the content is "iframeable".

The first thing to note is that the Multimedia lesson type uses an iframe to embed the content into your course, so in order for something to work as a Multimedia lesson it must be "iframeable".

Sometimes sites are just not compatible with iframing. You are able to use this free tool to confirm whether or not the content you're trying to use is iframeable.

Examples of sites that definitely cannot be iframed are:

- YouTube (but you can embed your video into a Text lesson instead! Here's how) Edit: YouTube videos can be embedded into Multimedia lessons now! Check out our instructions here)

- Google

Definitely iframeable? Head to Step 2.

Step 2. Take a look at your Source URL.

Whether the Source URL you're using for the Multimedia lesson is a https (secure) or http (non-secure) link will also play a part.

You cannot link to non-secure links from an https page. So, if you or a student visits your Thinkific site via, e.g., they'll end up in the course player under https and any Multimedia lessons using a non-secure link (e.g. will show as a white screen.

Therefore, the best option is to always use https links (e.g. wherever possible.*

*NOTE: Some sites may not have an https option (you'll know this because trying to visit the site will show a security message like this one). The large majority of sites do have this option, so it shouldn't come up too often. If it does, simply be sure to use http links for your Thinkific site instead.

These steps should be all you need to need to troubleshoot your Multimedia lesson issues, but if you have any questions do let us know!