If you are looking at creating a sales button (for your external site page) that links directly to the checkout for a particular course, this article is for you!

These instructions will go over the details on how to capture the correct URL to link to your Thinkific registration or checkout page.

Find The Correct Checkout URL

Go to your course's Pricing tab and find the Default or Additional Pricing that you would like to get your checkout URL for. If you have not set your pricing yet, check out this article here

Hover over the payment method you've created and you should see a "Copy URL" button appear. If you click this button, the direct checkout URL for this price will be copied to your clipboard.

You should get a link that looks something like this: https://subdomain.thinkific.com/enroll/####?price_id=#### (if using a custom domain the Thinkific URL will be replaced with your custom domain). 

It is best to test the URL before using it on your external site to make sure you have copied the right one. Once a user clicks on it, they should be directed right to the checkout for that course and specific price option.