You're able to easily duplicate a course from the My Courses page of your admin dashboard. All you need to do click the duplicate course button on the course card you want to copy in the Courses tab of the My Courses page, as shown below:

Your course will be queued for duplication, and not long after the copy should appear on your My Courses page with the name 'Copy of [ORIGINAL COURSE NAME]'

And that's it!

*Note: You'll need to refresh the My Courses page for the copy to show up.

How it works

Copying a course will duplicate all of its attributes - content, images, drip schedule, whether it's hidden or private. 

Some things to note is that prices are not copied over, and the copy will at first be unpublished. This gives you a chance to make any updates before it appears on your Thinkific site.

Reasons for copying a course

Here are some times when the course duplication feature will come in handy:

  1. Using the same content for multiple courses - Say you're looking to include the same customer feedback survey in all of your courses. Simply create the survey once and then duplicate that course as many times as you need to! This applies to all content types including text lessonsquizzes, etc.
  2. Using the same structure for multiple courses - If you structure the chapters and lessons of all of your courses in a similar way, save yourself some setup by creating one 'template' course that you can then duplicate whenever you're creating a new course.
  3. Customizing the course for a particular audience - If you have one group of students, e.g. from a particular company, for who you need to offer specially tailored or branded content, duplicate the course and create them their own version.
  4. Creating a version of the course with extras - Make a version of the course that includes extra bonus content, such as access to a discussion forumlive coaching, or downloadable content, for an additional price. You can then include that as an upsell on the original course's landing page.
  5. Running your course in cohorts - If you run your course during a particular time period for a particular group of students, then copying a previous course will have you ready for your next cohort in no time!

This should be all you need to know about duplicating courses, but if you spot any missing information please leave us some feedback below!