If you are using Keynote to create presentations to be used in your lesson you want to follow these instructions on the best way to export your file so it plays properly within Thinkific. 

Once you have completed your Keynote presentation you want to export your presentation with these settings:

Once the file has been exported you will want to run the file through a program called Handbrake to lower the file size so it fits within the 2GB limit. You can download Handbrake here: https://handbrake.fr/

When Handbrake opens it will ask you what file you would like to transcode. You will select your exported Keynote file: 

After selecting the file you will want to Enable Web Optimized within Handbrake and the press Start

When the file is finished transcoding you will have a ready to use MP4 file to work on your Thinkific site. 

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