Note: This article is for anyone using a pre-Site Builder theme. Please refer to this article if you're looking to add additional pages to your site using a Site Builder theme. Not sure what theme your site is using? 

You are able to easily add additional pages to your Thinkific site from the Design Your Site area of your admin dashboard. This is ideal for including an About Us page, an FAQ, or anything else that you feel like adding!

Step 1. Creating your page

To get started, head to the Design Your Site area of your admin dashboard and select Custom Pages. Click on New Page to create a new page or click Edit to update an existing page. 

This will open up the new page creation screen, which looks like this:

Now fill out the fields to create your new page.

Here's what each of them are for:

Page Name - The name of your additional page.

URL - This will specify the URL for your additional page.

Page Content - Add the content for the additional page into this field. This field is a WYSIWYG editor, so you can use the buttons along the top to add formatting, and embed images, video, etc.

While you're adding content, you're able to preview the page to see what it will look like once it's live. And be sure to hit "Save" in the top right of the screen regularly!

...all done? Yay! Now you're ready for Step 2.

Step 2. Publish your page

In the top right of the page creation screen, you'll see an option for Draft | Published

For the page to appear on your site, it will need to be published, so make sure to select Published.

Additionally, you can choose to Make this page private. You'll have three options for your private pages where you can set the page to be visible:

  1. To all users - this makes the page visible to any person who lands on your site, regardless of whether they are a student or not. 
  2. To logged in users - this makes the page visible to logged in users only, which makes it more private for your users. If a visitor tries to access this page while they are not logged in, they will be redirected to sign in to your Thinkific site to view the page. 
  3. To users enrolled in - you will be able to select a specific course or bundle that the student will need to have an active enrollment in for them to access the page. If a visitor tries to access this page without having an active enrollment in the course/bundle, or they are not logged in, they will not be able to access the page.

Once you've set your page to be published, and chosen whether or not it should be private, continue onto Step 3...

Step 3. Add the page to your navigation bar

The final step is to add a link for your new page to the navigation bar in the header of your Thinkific site. That's done from the Add to Navigation box at the bottom of your custom page.

Here's what each of the fields means:

Link text - Into this field, type the text that you'd like to appear for the link to your page.

Location - Choose whether you'd like the link to appear on the left or the right side of the header for your Thinkific site.

Open in - Choose whether clicking on the link should take the user to the page in their current browser tab, or open the page in a new browser window/tab.

Once you're done with these fields, hit Create to add your link!

If you've created a private page, you'll want to consider how to share the link to the page to your students. You will be able to add private pages to your nav bar but the only will only appear for students who are logged in to your site. 

For your private pages that are restricted to students who are enrolled in a specific course or bundle, you'll want to consider how to share the link to the page to your students rather than adding it to the navigation bar. You can send them a link to the private page by including it in one of your student's email notifications or through our mass user email feature or include it in the first lesson of the course.

...and that's it!

Woohoo! You've successfully added a page to your Thinkific site!

Visitors to your site will now be able to find and view your shiny new page :)

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