Your Thinkific course site is able to send notifications to both you personally and to your students (if you choose). If you want your course site to handle sending email notifications, you can personalize the email that is sent whenever:

  • A student signs up for your course site.
  • A student enrolls in one of your courses.
  • A student enrolls in one of your bundles.
  • A student completes one of your courses.
Personalizing these emails is a great way to engage with your students and connect them with other parts of your course site or business.
This article will cover how you can go about customizing the emails students can receive.

Site Welcome Emails

By default, your course site will send new users a default welcome email. This email will serve to introduce your course site only, so if you have multiple courses, you should send another email per course (see below this section).

You can change how this email looks in your admin dashboard by selecting Notifications, under Support Your Students. Under Student Email Notifications you will find the option Send students a welcome email when their account is created. You can enable the email by selecting the toggle on. 


The default email subject line and body content can be completely customized and branded using the editor. You can add images, embedded multimedia, like videos, and formatted text.

You can also use these available variables to personalize your email content:

{{ user.full_name }} - Inserts the users full name.
{{ user.first_name }} - Inserts the users first name only.
{{ user.last_name }} - Inserts the users last name only.
{{ }} - Inserts the users email address.
{{ sign_in_url }} - Inserts the URL a user can go to in order to sign in to your course site.
{{ site_name }} - Inserts the name of your course site.
{{ express_sign_in_url }} - inserts the user's express sign-in URL

Course Welcome Emails

Including a course welcome email is a great way to engage your users. These emails are sent out to the student upon enrollment in a particular course and are customizable on a per-course basis.
Course welcome emails are not enabled by default.

Bundle Welcome Email

You may also offer bundles to your students. Bundle welcome emails allow students to receive one single welcome email rather than all the course welcome emails for courses that comprise the bundle. These emails are sent out to the student upon enrollment in a particular bundle and are customized on a per-bundle basis.

Bundle welcome emails are not enabled by default.

View this article to learn more about enabling and personalizing bundle emails.

Course Completion Emails

Course completion emails are another way to engage with your students and it gives you a chance to market your other courses to them. You can decide which (or all) of your courses will deliver a completion email to the student after they have finished the course.
Course completion emails are also not enabled by default.