So you’ve created the course of your dreams with Thinkific, and set the perfect price point. However, you’d like to give access your course to a friend, or an affiliate partner, free of charge. No problem!

How do I Give Free Access to a Paid Course?

There's a couple of ways you could accomplish this.*

1. Manually create a user and enroll them in your course. In the Admin Dashboard, head to Users, then New User and enroll them in the course of your choice.

Under User Roles, you can select a role, or leave this blank if you don’t want to grant special access, but free access to your course. 

2. Create a coupon, or a unique coupon code, and forward it to that user to apply when checking out your course. This can be configured in the Admin Dashboard, under Coupons. If you’d like this to be a one-off coupon, you can enter a Quantity of 1. Read more on coupons here.