There may be instances where you wish to curate your students' learning experience and restrict students from jumping ahead of content. At a lesson level, this already exists with Prerequisite Lessons. Though we don't have a native way for a course creator to impose this workflow at a course level, you can use Zapier to enroll students into courses in a particular order, creating a prerequisite effect. Students will not have a new course card appear on their student dashboard until they meet the course completion requirements you have set.

If you need a refresher on Zapier, you can check out our Zapier integrations article.

The Zap we will create will be that when a student 100% completes a course, you can automatically enroll that user in the next course. This effectively creates a 'dripped' course. Repeat this for as many courses as you require.

One thing to note is that Zapier bypasses the Thinkific payment gateway. Students will not be otherwise charged upon enrollment in subsequent courses, so you'll need to keep this in mind when considering your student billing. 

As a reminder, here are the Zapier Triggers and Actions:

In this example, I want students to 100% complete Marketing 101 before they can move into my Marketing 102 course. 

To achieve this, create a new Zap and select Thinkific as your Trigger, then Save and Continue:

Select 'Course Completed' as the trigger. 

Save and Continue.

Connect or Select your Thinkific account. Save and Continue.

Select the course(s) you want to be a prerequisite for your later courses. 


Test the trigger. To do this you will need a student to have completed the course prior. Fetch and Continue, until the test is successful:

Now that you have completed your trigger, you can set up your action app. Select Thinkific:

Under 'Create', select Enroll User.

Save and Continue.

Select your Thinkific account, then Save and Continue:

Under Products, select the course(s) you want the student to be enrolled in after completing your initial course in the trigger. 

Enter in the other relevant information from the students' profile in Step 1, including User First Name, User Last Name and User email:

Enter any other relevant information like the expiration date or company field. 


Send a test to Thinkific.

Once it returns as successful, Finish.

Then turn your Zap:

In the example above, there was only one prerequisite, but you could duplicate the above Zap and change the courses so that when a student completes Marketing 102, they are enrolled in Marketing 103 and so on. 

And there you have it! Your students will now automatically be enrolled in subsequent courses once they 100% complete the prerequisite courses.