Site Builder from Thinkific lets you quickly build a beautiful, customized website including homepage, course landing pages, and additional pages containing any content you’d like.

Note: This article is for anyone using a Site Builder compatible theme. 

As a course creator, you can create on-brand sites (including custom pages) with ease, and without coding. 

Site Builder also allows you to create compelling bundle landing pages, and gives you the ability to do things such as adding additional prices for bundles, and implement social sign on for your students (from Facebook for instance!) among other cool things. And it looks so good! This overview includes everything you need to launch your site with Site Builder. Read on for more!

Choosing a Theme

The first thing you want to do is choose your site’s theme. Choosing a theme with Site Builder is simple. Each theme is fully mobile responsive and has been created and refined to look great with many different types of content — it’s like having your own designer on staff! This guide will give you a full breakdown of the available themes and styles, plus help you install your chosen theme.

Thinkific’s Site Builder offers three beautiful and responsive themes; Vision, Empire, and Vogue, each with 3-4 styles. This gives you tons of choice, and freedom to customize your pages to suit your brand. Styles are defined color and font selections within a theme — while changing a theme resets content, changing a style doesn't - it simply changes the mood of your theme. 

Check out some example landing pages we’ve created with our themes and styles at the link. Use the toggle to toggle between themes and styles. See examples here.

Good to note: It is highly recommended that you choose your theme and stick with it as content will not transfer between themes. Changing a theme resets content (while changing a style does not). This means if you select Vogue theme, build a home page and then switch to Vision theme, the home page you built in Vogue will not carry over to your Vision theme. The application of a new theme will override previous edits to your old theme, and gives you a fresh start. If you changed themes and would like to revert to your previous theme, you can select Restore to return to your previous theme.

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Changing Themes

I’m not on a Site Builder theme. Which theme version am I on?

We have several theme versions on our platform: Pre-V2 Themes (also referred to as V1 Themes), V2 Themes, and Site Builder Themes. The theme version you're running depends on when you signed up and if you've upgraded or not. If you're not sure which theme version you're currently using, check this article to find out what theme version you’re on: Which theme version am I on?

I'm on an older theme version. How do I change my theme to a Site Builder theme?
Do I have to rebuild my pages?  

Installing Site Builder themes is a fresh start and previous theme customizations will not be carried forward and yes, you will have to rebuild some of your content, mainly your product landing pages, homepage, and custom pages. Your course content will be untouched, along with the info from your Admin Dashboard.

Please note the considerations to keep in mind before you transition to Site Builder: 

Code customizations and any page’s content (including custom pages, terms of service/privacy policy, colors, fonts, favicon) are not automatically transferred over to a new Site Builder Theme.

All curriculum / course content, including your courses, course player, lessons, video player settings, site settings (language, custom signup fields), and automated student notifications will not be affected.

Some navigation items will have also moved into Site Builder. This includes Branding, Pages, and Custom Links (Header Links).

We have a fantastic guide (with video) on Transitioning to Site builder that walks you through the theme transition - from installing your theme, considerations to keep in mind, to copying your content over - we got your back! Check it out here: Transitioning to Site Builder. 

What next?

There are a lot of moving parts to Site Builder but the more time spent building and creating in Site Builder, the easier it becomes. By now, you’ve selected your theme and we recommend you also integrate your Thinkific sites with some of the available integrations including Stripe, Paypal, and Google Analytics for example. 

Site Note: If you’re new to online courses (or even a seasoned veteran!), we recommend you check out our Perfect Launch Workbook to keep you organized and on task during the course creation process. Check it here: Perfect Launch Workbook.

Once you’ve selected your theme and set up some of your Site’s integrations (such as Stripe for example), we recommend you begin by building your homepage, or a course landing page. At a minimum, you'll want to set up your home page and any published course landing pages. Default pages contain all the necessary components that they need to function, so are not necessary to make changes to unless you'd like to. We’ll also touch on custom pages below, which you can use for an FAQ, an About Me page or anything else you’d like!

We’ll start by breaking down the homepage for you.

Build your Homepage

A home page is the main page a visitor navigating to a website from a web search engine will see. It can also serve as a landing page to attract visitors and convey information to your audience. Your site URL will take users to your homepage.

A striking homepage is a great way to draw potential students to your site. It’s acts as a digital storefront for your site visitors and should provide information and build trust with your audience. At the very least it introduces who you are and what your online courses are about.

 With our new Site Builder, customizing your home page is easier and better than ever, allowing you to build a beautiful homepage that looks just the way you want it. This article shows you how with Site Builder: Building your Homepage.

Not sure what to include on your homepage? We recommend that you check out our blog for some great articles that include helpful hints and ideas on what to include. These articles meant for course landing pages also have suggestions that can also apply to your home page’s design.

Build your Course or Bundle Landing page

Every product (i.e. course or bundle) that you sell through Thinkific will have its own sales landing page. This is your opportunity to showcase your course or bundle and leave leads in no doubt as to why they should hit that sign up button!


You can use the Thinkific Site Builder to create your landing pages; customizing colours, adding sections, and crafting copy that will convert. With Site Builder you can also build compelling landing pages for your bundle

This article shows you how with Site Builder.

Want to learn some design tips for high converting landing pages? Head over to our blog for some helpful guides and articles on landing pages!

Custom Pages

Need an FAQ or an About Me page? Want to make an FAQ for those enrolled in a specific course or bundle? Or pages available to those who log in only? You can with Custom Pages and with Site Builder you can take something functional and make it beautiful too.

You can really customize these pages to further personalize your site, provide information and build trust with your audience. Here’s how with Site Builder.

Site Builder FAQ

When I install a Site Builder theme, will this replace my current, live theme immediately?

Nope! When you install a Site Builder theme, the theme will be available to you in your theme library so you can design your site pages before publishing it for your audience to see.

I just accidentally published my Site Builder theme and now all my landing pages are blank! Help!

No worries! You can revert back to your pre-Site Builder theme by scrolling down to your inactive themes, then selecting Publish on your previously published theme. Publishing a Site Builder theme does not wipe out your pre-existing content, that content simply stays within the your pre-existing theme.

I used to be able to edit my code on my Pre-V2 or V2 theme and I can’t now that I’ve moved to Site Builder. Why is that?

On our previous themes, customizations to the theme code were required for basic changes such as changing button text, heading colors, or customizing links to direct users to specific parts of the app. In Site Builder, we’ve made those customizations easily editable within the builder, so you no longer need access to code for basic changes. We’ve made the code edit available for users on Pro plan and above for advanced users that are looking to customize their sites even further and who have access to a developer or designer to handle those changes. Our team is unable to support troubleshooting code edits or code changes for your Site Builder site.

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