If you are using Bundles to group and sell multiple courses together, a great way to engage your users after they purchase or enroll in one is by sending them a Bundle Welcome Email

Bundle Welcome Emails are customizable emails that can be sent to your students upon registration in a particular bundle.

Bundle and Course Welcome Emails

When using both Course Welcome Emails and Bundle Welcome Emails in your workflow, it's important to understand how they work together because courses can be enrolled in both individually and through a bundle. Here is more information about other automated personalized emails available in Thinkific.

When a student enrolls In a bundle, they will only receive the Bundle Welcome Email. Alternatively,  If they enroll in a course that is within that bundle, they will only receive the Course Welcome Email.

NoteOlder Bundle Welcome Emails may be labeled with "(Legacy bundle)". If you see this message, your bundle will send Course Welcome Emails for any of the courses included in the bundle. You can disable this "legacy mode" by turning the Bundle Welcome Email toggle on/off. 

Configuring Your Bundle Welcome Emails

1. Under the Support Your Students menu, go to Notifications on your admin dashboard:

2. Use the toggle next to a bundle name to switch your bundle welcome emails on and off. If the toggle is selected, then the email will be sent out to a student when they enroll in that particular bundle.

3. Edit the email copy.  
Both the body of the email and the subject line are fully customizable - hit 'Edit' to get started with creating your welcome message (remember to save your changes when you're done!)

Available Variables

When customizing your email content, you can use the following dynamic variables to inject data into your message.

Use these to automatically pull in the student's name, course name, etc.

Site variables

Use these super helpful variables to customize your bundle welcome email.

Full Name of the user you are sending the email to.
{{user_first_name}}First Name of the user you are sending the email to.
{{user_last_name}}Last Name of the user you are sending the email to.
{{user_email}}The user's email address.
{{bundle_name}}The name of the bundle the user has enrolled in.
{{site_name}}Your Thinkific account's site name.
{{site_url}}You account's root URL.
{{sign_in_url}}Link to your site's sign-in page.
{{edit_notification_url}}Link to your users notification settings
{{% exceeds_course_limit %}}True if the bundle contains more than 25 courses

{{% exceeds_course_limit %}} means that the course content for the courses listed in your template will only apply to the first 25 courses within that bundle. If you have less than 25 bundles listed, then all their information will be displayed. The idea behind this is that if you have 50 courses within the bundle, students don't receive an email which is excessively long. If you have more than 25 courses listed in the bundle, after the 25th course listed, the '... and more!' will display in the email. 

Course variables

You can loop through the courses in your bundle to display information about each of them.  

To include a loop in your email content use this merge tag structure:

{% for course in courses %}

<!-- Add the information about your course in the middle of the loop: ex {{course.name}} -->

{% endfor %}

These variables are available to use in the loop for each of the courses in your bundle.

{{course.name}}Name of the course
{{course.take_link}}Link to where the user will take the course
{{course.review_link}}Link to where the user can review the course
{{course.instructor_full_name}}Course instructor's full name
{{course.instructor_first_name}}Course instructor's first name
Course instructor's last name

Note: only the first 25 courses in the bundle will be shown.

Once you have enabled the bundle welcome email, and published the bundle, students will automatically receive this email upon enrollment.