Stripe is available in 26 countries, which you can see HERE

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If Stripe is not currently supported in your country, we have a few other options for accepting payments for your Thinkific courses!


You can integrate with PayPal on any Thinkific plan. Things to consider when integrating with PayPal:

For setup instructions, see Integrate Your PayPal Account.

Stripe Atlas

You can apply to use Stripe Atlas which enables entrepreneurs to incorporate a U.S. entity so that they can accept payments through Stripe. To find out if Stripe Atlas is right for you, explore the FAQ

Preferred External Payment Gateway

You can use an external payment gateway of your choice. As it will not be a direct integration with Thinkific, you will need to enroll students into your Thinkific course after accepting payment. We have a few options for this:

  1. Manually Enroll Users after accepting payment
  2. Issue Coupon Codes
  3. Use Zapier to automate enrollments
  4. Build a custom solution using our Public API
  5. Use the Import Students from File feature and Bulk Enroll Students

Manual Enrollments and Coupon Codes are available on all paid plans. Zapier actions and Public API access are available on our Pro plan plus Growth Package.

If Manually Enrolling, using Zapier or our Public API to enroll students, a typical set up would involve using an external checkout (provided by your external payment gateway). Since you will be using an external checkout, you can prevent students from accessing the Thinkific checkout by setting your courses to Private.

If you enable the Site Welcome Email on your site, as soon as a student is enrolled programatically, they will receive an email that includes an Express Sign in link allowing the student to set their password and login to Thinkific! If creating a new User manually, you will also have the option to trigger your Site Welcome email.

What External Payment Gateway Should I Use?

SamCart recently built an integration with us that automatically enrolls students after purchase. It does not require Zapier or the API for enrollments. Check out details HERE.

There are also many other options to choose from and a great place to start is with those supported by Zapier! We recommend checking out:

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