This will focus on essential integrations to get you up and running!

Accessing Your Integrations

To review and set up available integrations:

  1. Click Market & Sell in your Admin Dashboard
  2. Select Integrations

Essential Integrations

As you get started, there are a few key integrations to focus on:


We support direct integrations with PayPal and Stripe to accept payment for your courses. You can integrate with one or both options. Things to consider when choosing your integration:

Pricing Options:


  • PayPal integration supports USD only
  • Integrating with Stripe allows you to change your currency site-wide
  • If you integrate with both PayPal and Stripe, changing your currency under Stripe will apply to both integrations
  • You must set your desired currency BEFORE accepting payment from students

Supported Countries:

For more details on the differences between Stripe and Paypal, see HERE.

Set Up:

Email Marketing

Make sure to connect to your email marketing platform to add Thinkific students to your mailing list! We support these email marketing integrations:

Don't see your email marketing platform of choice? You can consider Integrating with Zapier to create a custom solution!


Tracking your website traffic and other analytics can help you make informed decisions for your business. We recommend integrating with Google Analytics as you get started! Facebook Pixel is also popular. See Advanced Integrations for more advanced analytics options.

More About Integrations

Advanced Integrations