Advanced integrations to expand your toolset and help grow your business!

Accessing Your Integrations

To review and set up available integrations:

  1. Click Market & Sell in your Admin Dashboard
  2. Select Integrations

Advanced Integrations

Once you are set up with Essential Integrations, you might want to look into some more options for expanding your toolset:


Stunning - for preventing failed Stripe payments.

Automation Tools

Zapier - automation tool for connecting external applications that don't have a direct integration with Thinkific.

Infusionsoft - marketing solutions platform that deals with end-to-end sales and automation.


Mixpanel - advanced analytics platform that tracks in-depth actions students take, from playing a video to sharing a post. - send Thinkific data in real time to over 100 analytics, marketing, support systems, and applications.

Email Marketing

See Essential Integrations for details.

Student Success

Accredible - issue digital certificates to students upon course completion.

Brillium - advanced exam options.

Growth Tools

Sumo - free apps like email captures and sharing buttons to help market your content!


Quaderno - invoicing application for those business that require specific tax tracking.

Qualaroo - provides real-time insights into your customers and prospects to understand the why of your analytics.

For Developers

Intercom - customer messaging apps for sales, marketing, and support.

SSO (Sign Sign On) - allows a user to sign into an external website and a Thinkific school in one action.

Webhooks - used to integrate an external application with your Thinkific site.

API (Advanced Programming Interface) - develop custom solutions using Thinkific's Public API.

Third party integrations may have fees associated outside of your Thinkific subscription. Please review their relevant pricing pages for the most up to date pricing.

More About Integrations

Essential Integrations