Welcome to the Thinkific Course Builder, where you create your online courses!

This is where you will access your curriculum, course settings, pricing, drip schedule, and publishing your course - all that good stuff is in the Course Builder. Let’s take a quick look around!

To access the Course Builder:

  1. Go to Manage Learning Content
  2. Select Courses
  3. Click on a specific course


There are a few key areas you will want to access:

  • You can select different courses from the top menu where the course name is listed 
  • You can preview your course from the students perspective by clicking Preview Course on the top right
  • Create your course sales page by clicking Build Landing Page
  • Exit out of the Course Builder by clicking the X at the top left

You’ll also see the following tabs, which will be covered in detail below:


You’ll add content to your courses here. Check out our guide on Creating a Course which covers course templates you can use and the lesson types in Thinkific. Keep in mind that chapters and lessons can be dragged, moved and dropped to wherever it needs to go in your curriculum!

Creating a course

Bulk Importer

You can also use the Bulk importer to quickly add pdfs, audio and video files to your course at one time, and then rearrange them in your course once they’ve been uploaded.

Bulk importer


The settings tab is where you can find your course landing page URL, add a course card image, add SEO, and make the course hidden or private. Here's a review of what you accomplish in each tab:

  • Basic Settings - change your course name, find your course landing page URL, set an instructor, or make the course hidden, or private. You can also set an estimated number of hours for the course - great for those who need to complete a set number of hours within their courses.
  • Course card & description - add an image to your course card, and write a brief description of your course.
  • Course Player Theme - light or dark, you can change the look and feel of the course player to suit your content.
  • Course Completion - Add a course completion certificate to your course, or customize the completion page; This is a perfect opportunity to show them other courses to take or share some follow up material (This can also be done via the course completion email!).
  • Page code - place page footer code here 
  • Admins & Revenue Partners - add a Course Admin or a share your course revenue with a Revenue Partner.
  • SEO - Add page SEO here.


Drip Scheduling allows you to schedule the release of your course content over time. Find out how to set a drip schedule for your course: Set a drip schedule.


Set the pricing for your course in this tab. We also have a guide that outlines different pricing options we recommend you check out:
Set Your Course Pricing 

Bonus: Check out our blog for a complete guide on pricing your course!


Publishing your course is easy!

If you're ready to launch and publish your course, check out this guide for full details:

Publishing your course

More About Course Creation

Creating a course

Upload and Manage your Video Library